The Nigeria Customs Service announced the successful arrest of Abdul-Rahman Ibrahim, in his fifties, for alleged involvement in fraudulent activities and impersonation of the Comptroller-General of Customs and other high-ranking government officials.

On Monday, 29 January 2024, while addressing the media, CSC Abdullahi Maiwada, the spokesperson of the Nigeria Customs Service, revealed that the suspect's apprehension was made possible through intelligence gathered by the Customs Police Unit of the Service.

He highlighted, “The suspect, Abdul-Rahman Ibrahim, was apprehended for his involvement in impersonating the Comptroller-General of Customs, Chief of Staff to the President, and the Secretary of the Ministry of Interior.”

According to the National PRO, the suspect has fraudulently lured numerous unsuspecting citizens to pay him money for the issuance of 'job appointment letters,' thereby extorting over N1 million from them.

“This arrest underscores the relentless effort of the Nigeria Customs Service in mitigating and combating criminal elements who exploit the Service's name for fraudulent activities,” CSC Maiwada said.

The National PRO, recalling the Service's successes in 2023 in apprehending criminals engaged in similar fraudulent schemes, said, “Mr. Ibrahim was found in possession of counterfeit documents, including fake Customs and NSCDC appointment letters.”

Other exhibits found with the suspect include forged introduction letters purportedly signed by high-ranking government officials, along with many other items.

Upon interrogation, Mr. Ibrahim confessed to his involvement in the fraudulent act. He implicated accomplices in the operation, prompting the PRO to stress the Service's commitment to apprehending Ibrahim's accomplices for further investigation and prosecution.

He reiterated the Nigeria Customs Service's commitment to upholding the law and protecting citizens from fraudulent activities, adding, “The Service remains vigilant in identifying and apprehending individuals engaged in criminal acts that are aimed at tarnishing its reputation and exploiting unsuspecting members of the public.”


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