Due to the incessant rape incidences happening in the country, the Senate on Tuesday, June 2, 2020, said the only way to avert the ugly occurrence is to enforce stricter punishment to rapists and anyone involved in any form of child molestation act.

The motion was raised by Sandy Onor, the Senator representing the Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP), Cross River while addressing the rising cases of rape.

The Red chamber urged security agencies in the country to come up with new strategies to address the issue of rape and to also enforce the child's right act which kicks against child molestation and forceful marriage.

Speaking further on penalties to be enforced, the senate pointed at punishments awarded in other countries.

It said China castrates rapists while in India and the US, rapists are sentenced to life imprisonment, and death sentences are awarded in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Biodun Olujimi, (PDP, Ekiti), who seconded the motion said that proactive measures should be taken to ensure that the girl child is protected.

In her words "anything that injures the girl child injures the nation. Rape is real and must not be allowed to go on."

Another lawmaker, Akon Eyakenyi (PDP, Akwa Ibom), in her remark said "it is not just arresting the culprits and taking them to the police station, the court and then sentenced to a few years of jail time that is enough. A severe penalty should be given to such culprit."


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