The most powerful man in Mali - Revealed - The Identity of the Man Behind thé Mali Coup of August 18th 2020

The man behind the Mali coup is revealed as Army Colonel Sadio Camara and his men. He was assisted by senior officers from the National Guard or Gendarmerie ; the police , the Air Force, the army and Paramilitary forces.


Colonel Sadio Camara was born in 1979 in Kati - he graduated from the Army military academy in Koulikoro — EMIA - He was promoted to the rank of a Major - he was deployed in the Northern part alongside one Général El Hadj Gamou until the coup in 2012. He is well respected amongst his peers. He was Director General of a military base in Prytanée - Kati before he was sent to Russia for a military formation. 

He has only been in Bamako for 15 days for a one month holiday before this coup. 

The reason for the coup they say is due to corruption and they blame the government for abandoning the military in the North at the mercy of AlQaeda and ISIS jihadist. They arrested the President - his Prime Ministers.

On the morning of 18th August 2020, Colonel Camara and his men planned an offensive which led to them arresting Président Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, his PM Boubou Cissé, and other top members of government. 

Sources say Colonel Sadio Camara is well respected and honest - his own daughter failed twice to join the military academy in Prytanée where he was the Director - he has been described as determined and a serious character. 

There are every indication that history is repeating itself in the most volatile region in the Sahel, West and Central Africa as numerous AlQaeda and ISIS factions ( JNIM and ISGS ) fight for control in the triangle of Luptako Gourma and Lake Chad Basin - How will this ongoing coup impact on the political and economic situation made worse by the spread of covid19 - the possible spill over of jihadist freehold in weapons and recruitment to the region stretching to Niger and Nigerian in the Lake Chad and Cameroon is one to watch. 

David Otto - Counter terrorism expert stepped In Step Out UK - @ottotgs


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