Ondo State Governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu has accused the Federal Government of intentionally brewing tension and insecurity in the State, by withdrawing Nigerian Army personnel from the Correctional Centers across the State. 

Governor Akeredolu, said he received a briefing of the situation from the Commissioner of Police, Oyediran Oyeyemi. He said he is worried that the action could lead to jail breaks.

He wondered why soldiers are being impulsively and recklessly withdrawn from correctional centers which belong to the Federal Government in the first place. 

“Last night, Governor Akeredolu received reports from the Commissioner of Police in the state that soldiers attached to the correctional centers in the state have all been withdrawn. This development came as a surprise, considering the fact that both the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Correctional Centers belong to the Federal Government.

“The Governor was more bothered about the overflow effect of the soldiers withdrawal on the security situation in the state. More so that such action could easily encourage jail breaks across the state. It is, however, pertinent to alert members of the public and the Federal Government of this unwholesome situation. Findings into the remote cause of this action has only revealed that it was an order from above without corresponding details. 

“The situation not withstanding, proactive efforts have been made to secure these centers so as not to allow premeditated jail breaks as whoever gave order to withdraw those soldiers was in the process of encouraging such.” the statement added. 

Governor Akeredolu has met with other security heads in the state, particularly the Police and charged them to take over their responsibility of internal security in the state. 

“While we believe that the Federal Government has a duty to protect the prisons, we are more concerned about the security of our people across the state. A jail break will not only threaten the peaceful atmosphere we are enjoying in the state, it will pose serious danger to our people .

“Governor Akeredolu has met with the security heads and the Police has since last night taken up their responsibility of internal security by deploying armed Police officers to these correctional centers. 

“Similarly, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) whose main assignment is to secure Federal Government facilities, has also deployed armed officers to the correctional facilities.

“Governor Akeredolu has also directed the deployment of men of the State Security Network (Amotekun) to complement the Police and the NSCDC. This is to ensure that any premeditated action is tamed and resisted with commensurate force" , the Governor was quoted in a statement signed by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Richard Olatunde.

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