COVID-19: Escapees from isolation centres should be shot on sight – David Umahi

Amid growing concerns about the spread of the novel Coronavirus in Nigeria, The Governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi, on 30th March, ordered security operatives to shoot on sight any returnee that tries to escape from the quarantine and Isolation centres in the State.

Over the weekend, The state government ordered prompt isolation of no fewer than 37 returnees that entered the state through the bush after the state government had ordered the closure of its borders.

The Governor in his statement stated that any of the returnees that try to escape from the quarantine and isolation centres where they had been subjected to medical tests for 14 days following Coronavirus pandemic should be shot on sight.

Report has it that, more than 30 persons entered the state through bushy paths and crossed to a boundary town between Abakaliki and Enugu where vehicles were already on standby to convey them to their various destinations.

Umahi visited the 30 escapees and seven returnees who were later taken to a quarantine centre at the Abakaliki Township Stadium where they were given medical care.


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