Government of Ethiopia has threatened to seize the Operational licence of Cable Network News (CNN), unless the global news corporation desists from what the authorities described as a pattern of news reportage designed to put the country under internal and external pressure.

This directive, among others is contained in a letter transmitted to CNN's regional bureau Head Office in Nairobi, Kenya, yesterday. 

In a letter titled: EMA/1031/585, the Federal Republic of Ethiopia Media Authority admonished CNN for driving whay it calls a dangerous media narratives which have the potential to not just compromise peace in Ethiopia but also paint the country in bad colours, within the international community. 

The Ethiopia Authorities also accused the network of falsely reporting law enforcement efforts as genocidal campaigns, as well as undermining the Governments efforts geared towards countering the humanitarian crisis in Tigray. 

The network was also said to be sponsoring and propagating a false narrative which implies or states that Government Forces make use of hunger and sexual violence as instruments of war in the Tigray region. 

Also included in the letter perused by Eons Intelligence is a claim that CNN constantly defames major institutions in the country and seeks to discredit the image of the country's leader, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali in the international arena, all in a bid to put the country under perpetual diplomatic pressure. 

This directive is not a first of it's kind. The country has been engulfed in a seemingly unsolvable unrests that is fast deteriorating into a civil war. Both the US and EU have threatened sanctions on the Ethiopian Government and its arch-enemy, the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF).

Pro-Government analysts accuse the international community of not standing by the legitimate Government of Ethiopia, and all three regions of Tigray, Amhara and Afar which are affected by the conflicts. They maintain that the international community should call out the TPLF's atrocities, call on it to lay down arms and embrace peace and reforms.

On the other hand, the Government of Ethiopia is accused of being reckless with resources and irresponsible with laws. The EU and US constantly admonishes the country's authorities for allegedly obtaining weapons from Iran, Turkey and China, soft loans from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and political protection from Russia and China to fund an expansionist agenda at the expense of the majority of the people.

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