The Plateau State Police Command, led by AIG Ebong Eyibio, held a crucial press briefing today, addressing a spate of attacks in Mangu LGA. The Command reported successful repulsion of assaults targeting the Ntam community and ASTC Company, thwarting a planned attack on January 24, 2024. Additionally, swift police intervention prevented arson attempts at worship centers in Panyam District.

In response to the escalating situation, the Command deployed additional Special Intervention personnel to Mangu LGA to reinforce security measures and enforce the government-imposed curfew. Nine suspects were apprehended, with recovered exhibits including dangerous weapons such as machetes and petrol-filled kegs.

This briefing follows a previous attack on December 23, 2023, where eight suspects were arrested. Amidst escalating tensions, a government-led delegation, inclusive of community leaders from both Christian and Muslim faiths, convened to address the situation and ensure compliance with the curfew.

Despite casualties and property damage, the Plateau State Police Command reiterated its unwavering commitment to restoring peace and order in the region. They urged public cooperation with security efforts and emphasized a zero-tolerance approach to criminality.

The Plateau State Police Command's proactive measures and swift response highlight their dedication to maintaining stability amidst challenging circumstances. Citizens are urged to remain vigilant and cooperate with authorities to ensure the safety and security of all residents.


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