Nigeria's COVID-19 cases rises to 7261 with 245 new infections announced by the NCDC.

Coronavirus victims in Lagos rises to 3224 with 131 new infections discovered yesterday. 42 COVID-19 patients have died in Lagos.

Lagos remains the country's focal point for the infection.

16 infections were discovered in Jigawa yesterday with 308 new cases in total for the state. They are 6th in the ranking of highest number of cases in the federation.

13 persons were discovered to have been infected with the virus in Ogun state yesterday. 196 cases in total now, 3 behind oyo. 

6 people have died from the ravaging virus in Ogun.

Oyo remains the epicenter of the virus in the southwest after Lagos with 196 infections. 

Oyo had 9 more persons yesterday who contracted the dreadful and deadly disease.

Similarly, Rivers and and Ebonyi recorded 9 new cases yesterday.

Rivers in the last three days have discovered 35 separate infections from this virus.

The FCT only discovered 1 case yesterday. Still 3rd in the states with highest number of cases, behind Kano, 447 infections in total.

Kano had 8 cases yesterday.

Number of Discharges in the country surpasses 2000. 

2007 people have recovered from Coronavirus in Nigeria.

Lagos and Bauchi have discharged more COVID-19 patients than any other state in the federation, with 582 and 156 patients discharged respectively in both states.

221 people have died from the Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria.

Benue and Anambra still has the fewest number of cases in the country with 5 and 6casss respectively. The haven't recorded any death case.

Imo, Abia, Bayelsa, Enugu, and Taraba, have not recorded any COVID-19 death so far.

Logo and Cross River haven't recorded any COVID-19 case so far.


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