In a recent development, the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has condemned a malicious video circulating in the media, allegedly made by Reverend Timothy Daluk, the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Mangu Chapter. The video aimed to discredit military personnel deployed in the Mangu general area to address security challenges.

The video contained baseless and untrue accusations, asserting bias within the military and favoritism towards a specific group. The DHQ strongly denies these claims, asserting that they are devoid of truth, malicious, and lack any reasonable foundation.

The incident leading to this controversy occurred on January 23, 2024, when a breach of security in the Mangu municipal area prompted the Plateau state government to declare a 24-hour curfew. Troops of Operation SAFE HAVEN were deployed to Mangu to enforce the curfew, prevent its spread, and maintain control. The military asserts that their personnel executed their duties professionally and in line with rules of engagement, successfully apprehending criminals involved in looting and property destruction while recovering weapons.

Expressing deep concern, the DHQ emphasized the disappointment in a religious leader resorting to spreading falsehoods about the military. They reiterated the military's commitment to neutrality, professionalism, and dedication to their constitutional role of protecting citizens' lives and property.

The DHQ called on the public to support military operations against non-state actors in troubled areas of the state. They emphasized a steadfast focus on restoring peace and security, cautioning against baseless accusations. Any individual found spreading falsehoods, regardless of their societal status, will face constitutional consequences.

The military expressed gratitude to law-abiding citizens for their support, assuring the public of an unwavering commitment to preserving peace and security in the country. They concluded by warning against distractions and reiterating their determination to deal with those disobeying the law without bias.


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