Controversial Islamic Cleric, Ahmad Gumi has announced that he has stopped being a willing mediator between the Federal Government of Nigeria and Fulani bandits, as a result of the latter's recent designation as terrorists.

The Cleric known for his vocal support of the terrorists said this on Wednesday in an interview granted to Premium Times. 

He said: “Since the Federal Government has declared them terrorists, I will not have anything to do with them anymore. I will not like to danger again and to put a spotlight on myself unnecessarily."

He said his advice to the Nigerian Government on the best way to solve the problems had not been taken. He said he would rather maintain safety by cutting ties with them. 

He said his meetings with terrorists are risky attempts to bring peace to the Nation, noting that he will only take such risks in the future under a different political circumstance.

He said: “Maybe in the future when the political situation changes for better, we can do it again so that there will be peace, harmony and tranquility in the country."

Recall that Sheikh Gumi was more or less a self appointed and self styled mediator as well as advocate for the resettlement and amnesty for the now outlawed group. 

At different times and forums, he had called for dialogue with and amnesty for the terrorists, hinging his position on the allegation that they had taken up arms due to Government neglect and injustice.

However, less than Twenty four hours after an Abuja Court declared the groups as terrorists, Sheikh Gumi described it as an exercise in futility and that the pronouncement would have no effect whatsoever. 

Until now, Sheikh Gumi was a strong advocate for the murderous herdsmen. He had said the terrorists will not stop killing innocent people until they were granted free education, ranches, money and basic amenities. 

He was also against the use of the military in countering their activities. The highest point of his dilly dallying activities with the terrorists was when he allegedly told some group, on one of his trips that it was the Christian arm of the military that was responsible for killing their members. 

That statement was a major stir in the hornet's nest as it led to calls from various quarters for his arrest and possible trial. The Federal Governmemt however failed to act on it, to the dismay of many Nigerians both at home and in the diaspora. 

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