Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has declared that mosques and churches would reopen from June 19th and June 21st respectively.


Sanwo-Olu made this announcement in a state this afternoon during a COVID-19  press briefing at Government House, Marina.


However, the Governor said only Friday and Sunday services can be held for now adding that churches and mosques in the State should not accommodate more than 40 per cent of their capacity. 


He stated that persons below 15 years and above 65 years old would not be allowed to attend religious services in the State.


The Governor added that all worship centres must adhere to all NCDC protocols of preventing the spread of COVID-19 which include compulsory use of face mask, hand sanitizers, and observance of social distancing.

Below are parts of Governor Sanwo-Olu’s address: 

There will now be restricted openings of religious houses based on compliance that we have seen and reviewed with the Safety Commission.

From 14 days time, precisely on the 19th of June for our Muslim worshippers and from the 21st of June for our Christian worshippers, we will be allowing all of our religious bodies to open at a maximum of 40% of their capacity and we’ll be working with them as being expected by the Lagos State Safety Commission.

But we know that these places of worship have different sizes but even if your 40% capacity is really so large, you cannot have beyond 500 worshippers at once, and keeping that maximum 40% capacity is really important.

We will be encouraging people to have more than one service and ensure that they keep their premises clean, disinfect before another round of worship can take place.

We will also be advising that there should only be mandatory Fridays and Sunday services. All other night vigils and services must be put on hold for now until we review our current situation.



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