COVID-19: Borno Imposes partial Restrictions

Governor of Borno State, Babagana Umara Zulum addressed the citizens of the state and gave updates on the COVID-19 virus spreading in Nigeria and beyond. He stated the measures the state government would put in place to curtail the spread of the virus.

My Fellow Citizens Of Borno State 

1. We are currently going through another trying and difficult period in our history as a state, after the existential threat occasioned by the Boko Haram phenomenon 

2. This time we are faced with a more sinister and more deadly threat as a result of the covid 19 pandemic, which has been exponentially spreading across the world, with no cure or curative treatment. The best way to avert this virus is to initiate and implement pragmatic and workable preventive measures and containment strategies. The Federal Government has already put in place a number of preventive measures across the nation, but more specifically in Lagos and Abuja which have higher rates of confirmed cases of the virus, to stop the pandemic from further spread. Quite a number of state Governments have also implemented containment strategies to stop the corona virus from either reaching their states or spreading further within the state. 

3. Here in Borno state, we have also strategized and adopted a number of preventive measures to contain the virus, based on the recommendations of the high powered response and containment committee, headed by His Excellency, the deputy Governor. These measures, which will last for an initial period of two weeks, with effect from Tuesday, 31st March 2020, include the following:

  • All civil servants from Grade 12 downward have been directed not to report to their offices but rather stay and work at home; excepting those on essential services such as medical personnel, security agents and fire service personnel among others. 

  • All shops in organised business areas are to provide hand washing and temperature monitoring devices in their premises and also ensure social distancing. Otherwise their shops will be closed. 

  • All Banks operating in the state capital as we as organisations with Biometric attendance equipment, must provide hand washing stations and hand sanitizers for their customers in the banking hall to not more than 15 at a time and also ensure 24 – hour activation of all their ATM points;

  • Restrictions is hereby imposed on the number of passengers in all types of public transport; thus three passengers and the driver in a car; two passengers and the rider in tricycle or lake NAPEP and ten passengers and the driver in buses;

  • All passengers and vehicular movement into the state are also banned as from Tuesday 31st of March; except vehicles conveying food items, medical supplies, humanitarian goods and fuel supplies;

  • The Biometric and data capturing exercise for Local Government staffs has been suspended for the next two weeks;

  • All schools, whether public or private, have been closed until further notice.;

  • People are advised to avoid unnecessary social gatherings 

4. These measures are interim in nature and may be reviewed at the end of the two week period, depending on the prevailing circumstances at the time. The review may take the form of complete closure of all markets and other commercial activities, except for essential food items and medicines, if the situation warrants. 

5. My dear people of Borno state, as I have said, we have been through harrowing and excruciating times during the peak of Boko Haram insurgency. I am sure we will also endure the current situation. I therefore appeal to all citizens to remain calm and abide by all the instructions and guidelines given to you by health personnel in respect of the corona virus and more importantly intensify prayers in order to avert this deadly calamity.


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