Following intelligence operations by DSS, the Intelligence agency have arrested 2 Boko Haram Terrorists over the Kano bomb blast incident. This latest development supports eye witness accounts that the explosion was a suicide bomb attack not a gas explosion as announced by the Kano State Police Commissioner. 

You may recall that the Kano State Police command spokesperson had announced that the earlier reported incident was a gas explosion, disagreeing with eye witness accounts. The police in the cause of it's own investigation discovered 2 chemical items at the scene of the explosion.

Sources confirmed to Eonsintelligence that the two Boko Haram that was arrested were behind the Sabon Gari, Aba Road bomb blast which happened few days ago, the suspects were Indigene of Bauchi and Yobe State. The suspect were said to have purchased jerricans of liquid chemicals and the receipt indicates they purchased the items where the blast had occured. One of the suspect is said to be on the run. 

This is also coming just few hours after Governor elrufai, Kaduna State Governor had announced that Boko Haram/ISWAP had taken over 2 LGAs in Kaduna State. 

The successful Operations by DSS might have just saved Kano from a major doomsday. 

The Intelligence agency seized Items from the Terrorist which includes 4 AK-47 riffles, 2 Pistols, Suicide Vests & several IED making materials. 

About 9 people were certified dead by a Medical Doctor and 8 victims including students of Winners Kids Academy opposite the collapsed building that sustained minor injuries as a result of shock waves were treated and discharged. Those that lost their lives as a result of the explosion are; 

i.  Ejike Vincent (Wielder)

ii.  Michael Adejo (Chemical Seller)

iii.  Musa Kalla (Tea Seller)

iv.  Christiana Abosade

v.  Mary

vi.  Austine Dada

vii. Madam Owoleke

viii. Omo Ben

ix.  Bose Oladapo.

ADVISORY: Increased BH/ISWAP/Ansaru activities in NW in recent times suggest shift of focus of the group to the region. Public infrastructures like Airport, Rail lines, Roads & Schools have been targeted. Active situational awareness is expedient. Report all unusual activities


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