In a noteworthy development, Comptroller Kolapo Oladeji, leading the Joint Border Patrol Team Sector 4, has achieved significant milestones within the North-West Zone.

Comptroller Oladeji, during a press briefing on January 19, 2024, in Katsina, delineated the unit's operational activities from January 2nd to January 19th, 2024.

He underscored their jurisdiction encompassing all borders with the Niger Republic and an unwavering commitment to ECOWAS border compliance.

According to him, upon assuming office, he prioritized the restructuring of operational methodologies, fostering seamless collaboration between the Nigeria Customs Service and Nigeria Immigration Service.

"The triumph of the Joint Border Patrol Team is attributed to this cohesive synergy," he stated.

Comptroller Oladeji stated that the team interceptions comprised a trailer laden with illicit items in Jigawa State, including 382 bales of foreign matches, assorted textile materials, foreign cigarettes, Snobs, Spaghetti, Mimido, Couscous, and used shoes. Remarkably, the operation concluded without casualties, signifying a substantial achievement.

"Between January 2nd and January 17th, 2024, the team apprehended 21 foreign nationals attempting to breach border closures," he emphasized.

He lauded the Nigeria Immigration Service's dedication, specifically acknowledging Deputy Comptroller BB Alhaji. He further extended commendations to sister agencies, highlighting their pivotal roles in mitigating smuggling activities within the Zone.

Comptroller Oladeji emphasized the heightened synergy between the Nigeria Customs Service and other security agencies, stressing that such success wouldn't have been possible without their collaborative efforts.

In his briefing, Comptroller Kolapo Oladeji not only unveiled the unit's successful operations but also underscored the imperative role of public cooperation in ensuring border security within the North-West Zone.

He implored residents to promptly report any suspicious activities to the unit, emphasizing that a failure to notify operatives could result in severe consequences for Nigeria's economy and overall well-being.

"The call for vigilance was portrayed as a collective responsibility, underscoring the integral role of the community in curbing smuggling and ensuring national security."

Additionally, Comptroller Oladeji revealed that the Duty Paid Value of the entire seized items reached an impressive N1,225,467,253.40.

This substantial value mirrors the magnitude of the Joint Border Patrol Team's successful efforts in intercepting illicit items and upholding border regulations.

Concluding the briefing, Comptroller Oladeji reiterated the importance of public involvement in safeguarding the nation's borders.

He reiterated that the Joint Border Patrol Team remains steadfast in fostering a collaborative approach, leveraging the support of residents to fortify border security further, suppress smuggling, and contribute to the nation's economic well-being.


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