In a significant breakthrough, the Orerokpe Divisional Police Headquarters of the Delta State Police Command successfully arrested two suspects responsible for a series of church break-ins across Delta State.

The incident happened on 17/11/2023 at about 1600hrs when the Redeem Christian Church of God, known as "Dominion Mega," reported a break-in, resulting in the theft of several church musical instruments. Acting promptly, the DPO Orerokpe Division, CSP Paul Obaware, mobilized his team, assessed the crime scene, and initiated a strategic operation based on the stolen items.

On 19/11/23, the police discovered that one of the stolen amplifiers was listed for sale on Patrick Emete's Facebook page. Detectives, posing as buyers, successfully lured and apprehended Emete at Effurun Roundabout around 1304hrs on the same day.

Emete's confession led to the arrest of his accomplice, 45-year-old Alex Uwagbafor of New Era Clinic Deco Road, Warri. Information available unveiled the suspects' extensive criminal history, specializing in burgling churches, shops, and homes.

Recovered from the suspects were twenty loudspeakers, three generator sets, fifteen large mixer amplifiers, four keyboards, twelve power amplifiers, ten industrial standing fans, one complete drum set, one guitar, one power mic, two standing freezers, two plasma televisions, two home theaters, one washing machine, three stabilizers, three handsaws, one clipper, one microwave, one small oven, and one gas cylinder.

As the investigation unfolded, another clergyman (name withheld) reported a burglary on 30/11/23 at approximately 1632hrs. The suspects confessed and guided operatives to Eburu Street, Warri, leading to the recovery of additional stolen items, including eleven loudspeakers, five professional power amplifiers, six professional mixers, one Serato DJ deck, one Pioneer DJ deck, one plasma TV, four big generators, one generator without a tank, one power microphone set, one projector, two sets of English mini drums, and one large stabilizer.

Efforts are underway to recover more stolen items, and the suspects remain in custody pending the conclusion of the investigation. Prosecution awaits upon completion of the ongoing inquiry.


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