In a series of coordinated counter-terrorism operations, troops deployed in the North East, in collaboration with Vigilante and Hybrid Forces, have made remarkable strides in combating terrorists activities in the region. These operations have resulted in the neutralization of terrorists, rescue of hostages, as well as recovery of arms and other assorted items.

In Gwoza Local Government Area (LGA) of Borno State, troops executed an ambush operation targeting terrorists' staging areas around Pulka and Ashagashiya. During the operations, troops made contact with the terrorists, neutralizing one, while others fled in disarray, abandoning their belongings. The troops successfully rescued seven women and nine children from the clutches of the terrorists. The troops also recovered one submachine gun (SMG), three bicycles, four blankets, cooking utensils, and several other items.

Similarly, troops conducted an ambush operation in the Komala general area of Borno State. The operations resulted in the neutralization of one terrorist and the recovery of two AK-47 rifles with two magazines containing 29 rounds of 7.62 mm (Special) ammunition and 91 belted links of PKT ammunition. Additional items recovered include one SMG, two AK-47 rifles, one SMG magazine, nine rounds of 9 mm ammunition, and one motor bike.

In a separate operation in Benue State , troops in response to intelligence reports about terrorists' movements in Ayati Village, Ukum LGA, launched a swift operation to counteract the nefarious activities of the terrorists. The terrorists, upon sighting the troops, fled, abandoning one AK-47 rifle, one Dane gun, two 83 mm launchers, four locally made launchers, and one rifle magazine. The troops also seized 19 rounds of 7.62 mm (Special) and five rounds of 5.56 x 45 mm ammunition and other assorted arms.

In another successful operation in Kogi State, troops responded to information regarding a planned ransom payment to kidnappers. Coordinating with vigilantes and local hunters, the troops engaged the kidnappers at the planned exchange point in Okunran Okoloke General Area. During the encounter, one kidnapper was neutralized, and an AK-47 rifle with a magazine containing 15 rounds of 7.62 mm (Special) ammunition and one motorcycle were recovered.

These modest but significant operational successes are indicative of troops' resilience and dedication in ensuring that they mitigate security challenges across the country.


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