COVID-19 cases now exceeds 7500; total cases now 7526.

Of the 7526 total infections discovered, 5131 are active and are on admission in the Isolation facilities nationwide.

43328 people have been tested nationwide for Coronavirus.

Lagos remains the infection Epicenter of the virus with a total of 3357 cases. 133 more were discovered last night.

Oyo remains the second most infected state in the southwest with a total of 233 cases, 34 victims were discovered yesterday.

Ogun discovered 23 infections yesterday; Edo, 28; Total infections now 219 and 172 respectively.

The FCT discovered 22 cases as against 1 that was discovered on the 22nd.

Lagos, Kano, FCT, Katsina, and Borno are the top five infected states in Nigeria.

Bayelsa, Anambra, Benue, Imo, and Taraba have the fewest number of cases in the country with ni death recorded.

Kogi and Cross river are yet ti record any COVID-19 case in Nigeria.

221 patients have does from the deadly coronavirus disease.

In Nigeria, 2174 people have recovered from the virus.

Lagos has both the highest recovery and death toll with 627 recoveries and 42 deaths recorded so far.


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