COVID-19 cases in Nigeria inches closer to 9000, as NCDC announces 389 more cases. Total cases now 8733.

 Number of COVID-19 patients on admission also inches closer to 6000, as NCDC announces 5978 total active patients.

Number of persons tested for COVID-19 disease also inches closer to 50,000 as NCDC confirms 48544 persons tested.

COVID-19 death toll rises from 233 to 254 in 24 hours; 21 more deaths recorded.

2501 patients have recovered from COVID-19 in Nigeria.

Lagos remains infection epicenter with a total 4012 cases. NCDC discovered 256 more infections yesterday in the country's commercial hub. 

Lagos also has the highest discharge and death rate in the country with 745 and 47 respectively.

23 cases were discovered in Katsina, justifying Governor Masari's decision to investigate the unusual rise in deaths.

22 cases were discovered in Edo, 14 in rivers, and 13 in Kano. 

Edo now has a total of 240 cases and Kano has a total of 936.

Oyo recorded only two COVID-19 cases yesterday as against the 6 that was confirmed the previous day. However, the state is the most infected in the southwest with 252 infections behind.

Lagos, Kano, FCT, Katsina, and Borno are top five most infected states in Nigeria.

Adamawa recorded 11 cases yesterday, total infections now 38.

Borno recorded another case of COVID-19 yesterday. One the previous day, one yesterday.

Ogun also recorded just one case just like the previous day.

Anambra and Imo recorded 1 COVID-19 case each.

Kogi recorded their first set of COVID-19 cases yesterday with 2 infections discovered.

Kogi, Benue, Abia, Bayelsa, Taraba, and Enugu are yet to record any COVID-19 deaths in Nigeria so far.

They also have the fewest cases in the country.

Cross River remains the only state yet to record any COVID-19 case in the country.


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