Suspected terrorists attacked Mili Takwas security checkpoint at Jibia Local Government Area of Katsina State and burnt down two operational vehicles and a private car.

The assailants who came from Bugaje area were said to be over 50 in number, a motorcycle rider who saw their movement reportedly notified the security agents at the checkpoint of the development.

However, some military personnel were stationed there to repel the hoodlums and others left for Jibia after receiving an intelligent report that another set of criminals coming from Tsambe village area were also planning to attack the town.

Reliable sources said:

“The soldiers received another report that some bandits, riding on over 50 motorcycles were heading towards Jibia from Tsambe area, so they left to stop that attack.

“A motorcyclist informed security agents at the checkpoint that he saw the bandits coming towards their direction but unfortunately very few of them were armed. So, they vacate the place, which made it easy for the hoodlums to attack and burn down the three vehicles.”

Another source said the security agents at the checkpoint exchanged gunfire with the bandits before they eventually retreated, salvaging what they could and abandoning the two vehicles which were set ablaze.

The Nigeria Customs Service public relations officer in Katsina State, Isa Danbaba, said only two vehicles belonging to the Service were burnt down.

“Yes. There was an attack yesterday on a community and our checkpoint was also attacked. Two operational vehicles belonging to the Service and Nigeria Immigration Service and a private car belonging to an officer were burnt,” he said.

Mr. Danbaba said 12 officers were at the checkpoint when the bandits attacked.

He said none of the officers was injured or killed during the attack.


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