Kwara State on Monday recorded 98 fresh cases of COVID-19, surpassing the daily infections in Lagos and other States.

According to the latest data provided by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Kwara cases surpassed that of Lagos State which accounted for 81 confirmed cases of the deadly virus.

The North Central State recorded the highest daily cases followed by Lagos and Edo which accounted for 81 and 59 respectively.

Nigeria's COVID-19 cases have increased to 146,928 after the NCDC confirmed 574 additional cases in the 20 States and the FCT.

Nigeria, according to data provided by NCDC, recorded its lowest daily COVID-19 infections since the beginning of the second wave in December 2020 with 574 new cases.

The new figure indicated a decrease from the 690 cases recorded on Sunday which was also one of the lowest since early December.

The total deaths so far stands at 1761 since the outbreak of the pandemic, while about 123,009 have been successfully treated and discharged from various isolation centres after recovering from the disease.

Below are the number of cases and the 21 States affected according to Monday's NCDC report: Kwara- 98, Lagos- 81, Edo- 59, Ondo- 44, FCT- 41

Kano- 34, Ogun- 33, Kaduna- 29, Osun- 28, Enugu- 23, Rivers- 18, Delta-16, Akwa Ibom-15, Bauchi-12, Imo-10, Borno-8, Niger-8, Kebbi-7, Nasarawa-5, Gombe-3, and Ekiti-2.

"Our discharges today includes community recoveries in Oyo (1,198), Lagos (227) and Kwara State (53), managed in line with guidelines," NCDC stated.

Meanwhile, Lagos State is still the epicenter of the infection in Nigeria with 53,292 confirmed cases. 49,810 patients have been discharged after receiving treatment while 374 have lost their lives to the deadly virus.


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