As the Global fight against the spread of Coronavirus continues, one - third of NHS staff and front-lines workers in the United Kingdom have tested positive for coronavirus. 

Following the test carried out on 170000 workers, 5733 tested positive. 

The report comes as the government faces louder calls to ensure NHS workers get adequate and effective Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

Report indicates that some nurses have been told to refuse to work as a "last measure" if they have not been given adequate PPEs. 

Some of the workers craft out their PPE out of items such as bin bags in an attempt to avoid Infection. 

After this, three nurses in Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, North London, recently tested positive for the virus after having to resort such measures.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has previously promised to increase the number of tests to 100,000 each day by the end of April, but so far no more than 15,000 have been carried out each day, raising questions on whether the government will be able to attain this target.

On testing, Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey told LBC she was “confident” that number is attainable.

She added: “We are working at pace and the same is true with testing – we are increasing the capacity, we are increasing it daily, but I appreciate we still need to reach that target of 100,000 set by the Government by the end of this month and that’s why many laboratories are being opened up so we can reach that target.”


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