Criminals suspected to be Soldiers of the Ambazonia Separatist group operating in the restive South West Region of Cameroon have attacked students and teachers of Government Bilingual High School(GBHS), Ekondi Titi in South West, Cameroon. 

Preliminary assessment of the scene indicated three students and a teacher seriously injured in the attack. Emmanuel Orume, 12, Iken Joycelyn, 16, Kum Emmanuel, 17 and a teacher named Fien Celestina were injured in the attack which took place in the wee hours of Wedneday. 

Recall that Southern Cameroun has been engulfed in crisis since an agitation for cessation pitted the Central Government against the Ambazonian secessionist for more than five years now. 

The motive behind the early morning attack is yet to be known as no group had claimed responsibility for the attack as at the time of filing this report. However, local and Security Agency sources say the mode of operation and the target has all hands pointing in the direction of the Ambazonian secessionists. 

The separatist group has been accused of attacking soft targets like "Schools, while targeting children, staff and infrastructure during significant dates of lockdowns and ghosts towns". 

The Ambazonian separatists, who are fighting for an Independent State have often denied such accusations, accusing the Cameroonian Security Forces of directly or indirectly staging attacks on soft targets to tarnish the image of the Separatist Forces in and outside Cameroon.

The agitation in the Central African Republic of Cameroun has been on for more than five years. The Ambazonian seperatists are seeking independence of the former British Colony of Southern Camerouns, which was unified as Camerouns in 1961. The crisis, which experts have warned may soon degenerate into a full blown civil war has recorded tens of thousands of deaths of civilians and Soldiers from both sides.

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