Football has been known to take the lead in addressing the ills of society. FIFA Fair Play, Taking the Knee in Black Lives Matter, Say No to Racism and many more are some of these positions advanced using Football. 

For Premium Sports Entertainment Ltd, Obubra Unity Tournament is not just football but a Conflict Resolution strategy using Football to unite the 98 Communities that make up Obubra LGA.

Once the centre of commerce and home of colonial administration in the old South Eastern Region, Obubra Local Government Area of Cross River State a 100 years on is in ruins, mostly occasioned by fallouts of intra and inter communal clashes. Obubra has lost its glory. The rich potentials in Agriculture, human and mineral resources, remain untapped while Obubra has become economically redundant. 

A movement to change the narratives has just been birthed and wholly embraced and adopted by the people who have been yearning for peace and restoration of lost glory coming together under the umbrella - Obubra Development Forum. Obubra Unity Tournament has come to stay as the symbol of Peace and Unity.

The maiden edition of the tournament has been planned for 21-26 December 2020 across four Zonal Centres.

Tournament Format

According to the organisers, the tournament will be mini football- 5 A-Side and a straight knock out with top 2 teams from each Zone qualifying for the Finals to be played on 26th December 2020.

The four Zonal Centres are Ofodua, Iyamoyong, Obubra and Ogurude. "This event is more than just Football. It's using Football to speak out. The major actors will all be involved.

These young people who are the foot soldiers have lots energy so the idea is to get them channel their energy productively. It's about getting them to see areas of collaboration rather than areas of division".

The organisers have been at the fore of using football as a medium of communication.


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