Kenya Police Service has confirmed a plan by Al-shabab and other terrorist groups to attack the Country, especially in Nairobi and on Western nationals. Kenya Police Service confirmed this in a statement released on Friday.

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs had issued a security advisory dated January 27th, where it warned of a terror threat facing Western nationals in Kenya. They said puplic places frequented by foreign nationals are notably at risk. These include restaurants, hotels, entertainment centres and malls, especially around Nairobi.

The alert advised everyone in Kenya to remain extremely vigilant and avoid crowded places in the coming days. Security experts also say Al-Shabaab remains a significant security threat across Kenya, despite the fact that they exist in other countries as well. It is feared that attacks are likely to be recorded along the border regions with Somalia and in Nairobi or other major city centers.

Kenya Police adviced all to remain vigilant and exercise heightened vigilance, particularly in public places frequented by diplomats and foreign nationals.

The Service also adviced everyone to remain courteous and co-operative if approached and questioned by security personnel. Foreign nationals should also maintain contact with their various diplomatic representation in the country at these times. 

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