Some personnel of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Special Force (SF) rescued Twenty Six kidnapped victims from their captors along Birnin Gwari-Kaduna Road, in Kaduna on Wednesday.  

The impromptu operation took place when the SF members who were on a separate patrol mission sighted five suspiciously abandoned vehicles with their doors ajar, near Anguwar Yako.

The Soldiers rightly deduced a possible forced removal, evacuation and most likely a kidnap situation. Acting on instincts, the SF Team immediately began exploring and exploiting the general area. 

The search eventually extended to about three kilometres radius into the bushes. The Soldiers continued clearing. Upon sighting the SF, about Three kidnapped escapees suddenly came out from the bushes, where they had been hiding.

A statement released by the Airforce in Abuja on Wednesday indicates that further search led to the discovery of four different groups of victims hiding in the bushes. After a thorough search further into the hinterland, a total of Twenty Six victims were safely rescued. 

The victims said they were traveling from Birnin Gwari to various locations including Kaduna, Minna and Kano. They revealed that while enroute, large number of bandits in Three groups suddenly appeared from the bushes from three different directions and surrounded their vehicles. 

They said the kidnappers however ran into the bushes with a couple of the victims when they sighted the convoy of the Airforce SF. Most of the passengers then took cover and hid in the bushes until they sighted the SF. 

The NAF SF say are extending their operations within the area so as to nip the activities of kidnappers and other criminal elements in the bud. The rescued victims have since been moved to the 461 NAF Hospital in Kaduna for medical examination.

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