The relationship between China and the US is growing thinner as the Chinese Government has ordered the closure of the US consulate in the southwestern city of Chengdu.

Recall, that on Thursday, July 23rd, 2020, Eons Intelligence reported that the US authorities shut down the Chinese consulate in Texas.

The action by the Chinese Government is in retaliation to the US authorities' decision to close down its consulate on Tuesday, capping what has been a devastating battle between the two since the emergence of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.

The announcement of the closure of the Chinese consulate  comes after several warnings from top American officials about the relentless tyranny China, and Chinese nationals being indicted in the US on various charges.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said ordering the Chengdu consulate to cease operations was a legitimate and necessary response to the unreasonable measures by the United States.

The Foreign  Ministry revealed that the current relationship between the countries is not what China desires and blames the US authorities for the break in relationship.

It emphasized that the closure was in response to what the US did on Tuesday, by shutting down its consulate in Texas.

The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo had said the closure of the Chinese consulate was due to the Chinese stealing intellectual property from the US.

The Chinese Government described the allegations as Malicious Slander and an unprecedented escalation.


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