Available report indicates that one Tizhe Tantsa murdered his two 2 biological children while they were asleep on 18th August 2022 at about 0230hrs at Hamikey village, Futulduo, Michika LGA, Adamawa State.

 Report further indicates that Tizhe Tantsa had been separated from his wife for over seven months and was living with his children, came home in the night and asked his children Bawa Tizhe five (5) years and Jacob Tizhe three (3) years old when will their mother come back and they answered till eternity and the answer provoked their father while the children were sleeping in the middle of the night Tantsa took a heavy stone and smashed their heads with it which led to their death.

Meanwhile, the body of the deceased children have been deposited at General hospital Michika while TANTSA have been arrested and taken to Michika Police Division.


However after his arrest he was interrogated by the village head and claimed the answers given to him by the children annoyed him, he was not under any influence of alcohol or drugs.


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