Unknown gunmen have killed a retired squadron leader, Mrs. Hellen Godos, in the Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State.

The gunmen attacked the residence of the deceased in the Dong area of Jos North on Christmas Eve at about 2000hrs of the day and shot sporadically into the air to scare residents of the community before proceeding to the residence of the retired squadron leader. 

Information available indicates that some of the kidnappers positioned themselves around the house while four of them forced their way into the building and attempted to abduct the retired squadron leader’s son, which was resisted by the woman.

In the process of pleading and trying to hold back her son from being kidnapped, one of the kidnappers pulled the trigger and shot the woman at close range. The retired squadron leader died on the spot; another occupant was shot in his leg while the kidnappers went away with the son of the deceased.

The kidnappers, who came on motorcycles and in a car, released several gunshots into the air again to aid their escape from the community after the operation.

Meanwhile, security operatives are presently combing the hills in the area to arrest the perpetrators and rescue the son of the deceased who was kidnapped.

The deceased son, who was kidnapped by the gunmen, had been released as security operatives continue the manhunt for the perpetrators.


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