Sunday night got interesting on Twitter with the new miracle challenge- Show medical evidence of SS turning to AA and win over N200 thousand. 

Dr Olufunmilayo, a medical doctor with over 160,000 followers, posted the challenge on Twitter the night of Sunday, August 1. 

"Few weeks ago, someone claimed she knew "someone" pregnant for 8years. People asked for scans- she disappeared. Now some people said God changed SS to AA. I am offering 100,000 naira to anyone with proof of genotype results and details of the medical team. Offer lasts till 2025," he Tweeted. 

Shortly after he posted the challenge, Snit Skeptic upped the reward with an extra N100,000. 


On Saturday, July 31, a woman with the Twitter handle @IfeKiisha posted on Twitter some miraculous works she has purportedly seen Jesus do:

"I've seen AIDS disappear I've seen SS become AA I've seen Asthma disappear I've seen Cancer,totally gone! I've seen the lame,walk I've seen the dead come back to life 

Yes I have

Jesus is still doing wonders"

A day afterwards, Dr Olufunmilayo, a Nigerian who lives and works in the UK responded to the tweet saying: "We know Jesus can do "wonders", But no need to cook up wild exaggerations. SS turn to AA?

If we ask for proof now, you will say it's "someone" in Ikorodu.

Let's stop these sort of tweets. It is religious blackmail to force Christian health professionals shut up. It's not cool."

In a thread, Dr Olufumilayo further claimed that Christians who are making these "wild claims make Christianity look like a delusional talk.":

"Many times you people forget some of us are also Christians and doctors. When you say this very wild things, You think it helps Christianity. But it doesn't.

What you do is ridicule the name of Jesus and make it look like Christianity is delusional talk. Again, it's not cool." 

I've seen crazy claims: "Fibroid turns to pregnancy"

"3rd class turns to 1st class" And many more wild claims with no objective proof. What you are doing is mockery of those who have real illnesses, but I guess it's the internet. Lol we all can just say whatever we like to say."

Dr Olufumilayo's assertions did not sit well with quite a number of his followers who disagreed with him. Many questioned how a Christian who believes Jesus raised the dead, as well as other miracles in the Bible, would contradict himself by questioning the authenticity of miracles performed in the name of Jesus. 

"I love your tweet.. it has been very educative, but I won't agree with you on this...

You are a Christian and you believe Jesus raised the dead.. but you come here saying the opposite..

Except you are a Christian that don't believe the miracles in the Bibleā€¦," a Twitter user said. 

Another questioned "If you know Jesus can do wonders like you claim, why are you doubting SS to AA? Abi SS to AA is not a wonder ni?"


Nigeria as a country, has recorded many cases of dubious miracles performed by fraudsters disguised as men of God. 

These fraudsters sometimes have syndicates who fool and defraud unsuspecting miracle seekers. 

Earlier this year, the Nigeria police arrested a 44-year-old woman identified as Mrs. Bose Olasukanmi, who was used by several 'fraudulent' pastors to perform fake miracles. 

What's your take? Have you seen an SS miraculously turned to AA? Let us know


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