The importance of intelligence gathering, from local and foreign sources, as well as inter-Agency operations in the fight against insurgency can not be over-emphasised.

To this end, the Defence Intelligence Agency(DIA) is conducting a Defence Advisers/Attachés Annual Conference and Maiden Retreat for the 2021 with the theme” Advancing Counter Terrorism Efforts Through Enhanced Inter-Agency Cooperation: A Whole of Government Approach”. 

The event holds from 8-13 November, 2021 at the Headquarters, Defence Intelligence Agency and Nigerian Army Resource Centre (NARC), Asokoro and Abuja, respectively.

The event is a platform designed by the Agency to examine and re-appraise Nigeria’s Defence Advisers/Attachés and foreign defence relations. It will also assist in articulating new strategies in intelligence gathering.

"The event will no doubt be the first in the annals of the Agency since it’s establishment. This is owing to the fact that no platform was created for institutional reflections on its activities with a view to measuring the attainment of its core mandate. 

"It is against this background that the Agency is holding this conference to effectively galvanize inputs in view of the myriads of security challenges facing the nation. 

"It will also provide an avenue for self-examination mechanism for optimal performance. This is in line with the policy directive of the President, Commander- in -Chief of the Armed Forces. 

"Therefore, the Agency finds it expedient to organise it’s maiden retreat to provide a forum to appraise the activities of the various Defence Sections as well as brainstorm to proffer new strategies in attaining the core mandate of the Agency", the NIA said in a statement perused by Eons intelligence. 

This synergy is expected to break new grounds in the fight against insurgency and terrorism in the country. The event will engender interactions with past Directors of the Agency, former Chiefs of Defence Intelligence and other selected Captains of industry in the intelligence sector.

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