An unnamed 31 year old Nigerian died in Gauteng, Johannesburg, after he reportedly swallowed some substances suspected to be crack cocaine, in a desperate bid to evade Police arrest on Wednesday.  

Police report say a red VW Polo sloon car was spotted, with a man in it. He was later identified as a Nigerian. The man sitting in the vehicle was allegedly seen handing something that looked like drugs to another, who stood outside the vehicle. 

However, when Police Officers approached the vehicle, the man on foot took to his heels. The one in the vehicle also drove off in an attempt to escape. 

The Police in pursued his vehicle and stopped him from escaping. Upon searching the vehicle, they found drugs which he said belongs to his brother. He was arrested and put in a Police vehicle. 

Police allegedly asked him to take them to his brother. As they approached the place where his brother stayed, he spotted them and started running while he also swallowed the drugs. He later collapsed. 

When paramedics were called in, they could not do anything to help him as he was pronounced already dead. The driver of the VW Polo vehicle was kept in custody. 

Meanwhile, Spokesperson for the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID), Grace Langa told a local newspaper that another incident happened on Monday at Kempton Park in Johannesburg.

A Police Captain heard gunshots and saw people running, around the Engen petrol station. He approached and came across four armed men getting into a BMW 1 Series model vehicle. 

He shot at the vehicle three times using his service pistol but it sped off. He returned to the scene of the incident on further inspection and found a man who was later identified as Ajence, said to be a Nigerian, lying lifeless on the floor after being gunned down by the assailants.

Paramedics could not do anything to help him. Two Police officers saw the get away vehicle driving erratically on the R24. They chased after it and a shootout between the vehicle occupants and the police ensued. At the end of the day, one suspect was shot dead while three were arrested. 

"The shooting started from Kempton Park on R24 until near Gillooly's interchange. Three suspects, all Nigerian nationals, were arrested. The fourth suspect also Nigeria national was found dead next to where the white BMW had parked,” said Langa.

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