A father whose 6-year-old daughter was raped by a neighbour has accused the Nigeria Police of physical assault and intimidation for insisting on getting justice. 

According to the man who shared his ordeal with ITV radio, he complained to the Testament Police Station in Delta that a neighbour defiled his 6-year-old daughter. 

He said the police promptly followed him to the location where the incident happened, and a herbalist was found and apprehended. 

Recovered from the herbalist were charms, a white handkerchief stained with blood and medications allegedly bought at a pharmacy for the 6-year-old victim to stop her bleeding.

Later that night, the police arrested the boy who raped his daughter.

The boy's mother, who resides in Germany, hired two lawyers to mediate and plead with the victim's father to withdraw the case.

However, events took a sad turn when the victim's father rejected the sum of N200,000 he was offered by the boy's family to kill the case. 

The man, who is a commercial motorcycle operator said he refused the money because he was concerned about the spiritual connection and health of his daughter, mainly because a herbalist has been involved. 

He said the lawyer of the defendant told the IPO in the Testament police station that he refused to collect the money offered to him, adding that the lawyer promised to see the IPO "in camera". 

When he contacted a lawyer in Asaba to represent his case and get him justice at the state Criminal Investigation Department, the man alleged that the IPO told him that his efforts would be futile. 

"The IPO assure me say if me go there I no go get shin shin. Say I no go get anything inside this thing naa… and he get people wey dem go call for that place now wey go rubbish this case for my hand as I no collect 200, 000." Translation: "The IPO said if I go there, I would get nothing… and he has people at the place who would discredit my case as I have refused to collect N200,000."

When he got to the SCID, he said police officers harassed him, slapped him, and made him sit on the floor. 

Fortunately, his lawyer arrived, and the police denied harassing and beating him up. 

He said the woman IPO at the State CID also tried to discourage him from pursuing the case. 

Now, he is confused and helpless. He says he wants justice for his daughter, but the institution meant to help him get justice is frustrating his efforts. 


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