Religious Gatherings spike Coronavirus Cases In Malaysia

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the globe, Malaysia is expected to record more new cases as a result of Mass attendance at religious gatherings.


As at 28th March, 2020, the country had recorded 1,183 cases with 1 death.


The Health Ministry reported five more deaths and 153 new infections on 28th March, 90 of which were linked to the gathering at a mosque which canopied more than 24 countries.


The gathering of Islamic Missionaries and followers was attended by 16,000 people, 14,500 of them reside in Malaysia including hundreds of Rohingya and other refugees

To curb the spread of this virus, The Health Ministry said, it will track this group of worshippers that participated in the religious gathering by deploying officers from its district departments


The Malaysia Health Director General,Noor Hisham Abdullah stated in a press conference that the Government was trying to put in place more ventilators as a precaution to curb the wide spread of COVID-19.


The Government of Malaysia has also been sending messages to attendees of the gathering to come for testing to keep the country safe.


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