Two persons arrested over ritual killing of 3 year old boy in Lapai, Niger State

Mr Ema in lapai who deal's on building materials was discovered to be the one behind the mysterious disappearance of a 3 years old male child.

The remains of the boy were found in the custody of one Hausa man who works as the gateman to Mr Ema when he went to dispose it off. The Both of them were lucky to be whisked away by Vigilante operatives before the angry mob got to them.

The motorcyclists who took the Hausa man to the river where he was to dump the remains found bloodstains on his bike and had suspicion of what could be in the content of the sack he was carrying.

The bike man proceeded to report to the Police after dropping the hausa man, when the hausa man was finally arrested, he confessed that his boss, Ema, sent him to steal the child and cut off his male organ and pulled out his both eyes.

The high rate of evil is obviously increasing tremendously in our society.


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