As Nigeria continues to grapple with the protracted fuel scarcity, new naira notes scarcity, and the forthcoming 2023 Presidential elections, citizens have been left to bear the brunt of the associated hardships. This is particularly so when compared to the years gone by when the country was relatively more stable.

The fuel scarcity has led to an increase in the prices of transportation and other daily needs, leaving citizens struggling to make ends meet. On top of that, the new naira notes scarcity has resulted in a lack of liquidity in the market, leading to a sharp rise in the cost of goods and services. It has become increasingly difficult for citizens to access funds to purchase essential items due to the lack of money available in circulation.

The Nigerian Government is well aware of these issues, yet no concrete steps have been taken to address them. As the 2023 Presidential elections draw closer, citizens are becoming increasingly frustrated and concerned about their future.

The Government must take immediate action to address the issues at hand. It must ensure that the fuel supply is stabilized, the new naira notes are made available to the public in a timely manner, and access to essential goods and services is improved. Additionally, the Government should focus on creating job opportunities and providing financial aid to those in need, in order to reduce the hardship facing citizens.

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Furthermore, the Government must prioritize the fight against corruption, as well as implement measures to ensure the transparency of the upcoming elections. It is only through such measures that the Nigerian people will be able to trust in their Government and have confidence in the future.

The Government must listen to the concerns of the Nigerian people and take action to alleviate their hardship. With decisive steps, the Government can make a real difference in the lives of its citizens and ensure that the 2023 Presidential elections are conducted in an open and fair manner.


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