The Obubra Unity Tournament which was played from Dec 21st through Dec 26th 2020 featured 38 teams representing the 98 Communities of Obubra. The Tournament which was packaged by Premium Sports Entertainment Ltd in partnership with Obubra Development Forum.

Obubra Unity Tournament is a Conflict Resolution Strategy and serves as symbol of Unity which reminds all Communities of Obubra of their resolve to set aside their differences and work towards Unity and peaceful coexistence. 


The teams were grouped into 4 Zones- Urban, Adun, Okum and Osopong.

Urban Centre comprising of Urban, Ofombongha and Yala, played their Zonal Qualifiers at Gavin Ground Obubra, while Adun Centre which comprises all teams in Adun Clan played their matches at CRUTECH Pitch, Ovonum.

Okum Centre featured teams from Okum Kingdom with matches played at St Brendan Iyamoyong. The last centre, Osopong Zone comprising all the Communities in Osopong 1 and Osopong 2 was billed to hold their Zonal games at Ogurude but due to security reasons occasioned by attack on some of the Communities in the Zone by some hostile neighbours the Zonal qualifier held along with Okum Qualifiers.

Champions OGADA 2.

All top 2 teams from each Centre qualified for the Super 8 Finals. These are:

Urban Centre:

Ogada 2 (Zonal Champion) and Ofombongha 4 

Adun Centre:

Ofat 1( Zonal Champion) and Onyodama

Okum Centre

Iyamoyong (Zonal Champion) and Ohana

Osopong Centre:

Osopong All-stars ( Zonal Champion) and Ogurude.

Osopong All Stars is a collection of players from the other Communities that make up Osopong.


The Road to the Finals

All Zonal Finals were decided with Ogada 2 defeating Ofombongha 4, Ofat defeating Onyodama, Osopong All Stars defeating Ogurude and Iyamoyong defeating Ohana.

while Osopong All Stars overcame Ogurude.

Ogada 2 went on to defeat Iyamoyong to qualify for the Finals, where they played against Ofat 1 which also defeated Osopong All Stars.

The Final was keenly contested as the game ended GOALLESS after regulation time. The winner was then decided on penalties where Ogada came out victorious 3-2 on penalties.

Several awards were presented to players who distinguished themselves with Victor Smart of Ogada 2 emerging as both Highest Goal scorer of the Tournament with 7 goals and also the Most Valuable Player of the Tournament.

A team of scouts were on ground for talent hunt and selected about 20 players for another round of screening.

A total of 570 players were listed and participated at the Tournament.



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