COVID-19 infections in Nigeria now surpasses 8000. Total infections now 8068 as NCDC confirms 229 more cases yesterday.

 Active Coronavirus cases who are on admission now rises to 5524.

Number of persons tested for the dreadful COVID-19 in Nigeria rises from 44458 to 45683.

Lagos remains infection epicenter with 3595 total cases; 90 new infections were discovered yesterday.

27 cases were recorded in Katsina yesterday, 26 in Imo, and 23 in Kano.

Imo's COVID-19 cases took a giant leap, they now have 33 total infections.

FCT discovered 14 new Infections as against the 36 discovered the previous day. Total infections now 519.

Lagos, Kano, FCT, Kastina, and Borno are still Nigeria's top five most infected States with the virus. 

Asides Lagos, Oyo is the still the most infected State in the southwest with 244 total infections. They also rise to 6th in the COVID-19 rank of highest number of infected states in the country; 4 more infections were discovered yesterday

Ogun discovered 9 more COVID-19 cases yesterday, total infections now 240, sitting closely behind oyo and Jigawa in the COVID-19 rank.

2311 patients have recovered from COVID-19 with Lagos alone discharging 658, followed by the FCT who have discharged 134.

12 infections were discovered in Plateau state with Nurses withdrawing services due to Government's negligence on their welfare; total infections now 95.

Osun recorded 2 more COVID-19 cases yesterday. However, they discharged 2 more patients from their isolation centre.

However, Lagos didn't record any COVID-19 death yesterday. Death toll remains 42 from the previous day.

COVID-19 Death toll in Nigeria rises from 266 to 233; 7 more patients have died from the ravaging virus. 

Enugu, Taraba, Anambra, Benue, Imo, Abia, and Bayelsa are yet to record any COVID-19 death in Nigeria. They also have the fewest number of COVID-19 active patients in the country.

Kano and Cross River are yet to record any COVID-19 case in Nigeria.


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