Jubril Sadi Mato (Ramadan), an 11-year-old pre-Junior student of Elkenemy College of Islamic Theology Maiduguri is currently in a critical condition in UMTH as he reportedly becomes the latest victim of the inhumane treatment of boarders in boarding schools.


Jubril almost had his life almost snuffed out of him by his senior colleague for failing to hearken to his bidding on January 16.

According to information, the senior seized the junior student to a secluded location within the school premises and severed his neck, arteries and nerves with a razor blade, after which he abandoned him in a pool of his own blood for dead.

The perpetrator is reported to be a well-known drug addict indoctrinated on psychotropic substances.

Family sources say that attempts by a team of influential delegates are ongoing to sweep the case under the carpet in order to protect the image of the school.

Notable among them include Jubril’s step-father, who to the chagrin of the family has teamed up with the school management to discourage the victim and mother from taking up the case. 

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Others according to the family source include the Principal and Director of the College, the Director of Elkanemi College, the Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education, Dr. Muhammad Sani Idris who is also the Director of Elkanemi College, Yobe state, the source who does not want his name on print added. 

Reports say that Ramadan’s case is not the first as many boarders in the school are said to have become so audacious in victimising and bullying their junior students in the most inhumane way possible without the school authorities making efforts to checkmate the callousness and unabated bullying in the most extreme way.

Information from students reveals that the college management covers numerous cases of misconduct perpetrated by the students and some of the staff without the knowledge of the parents.

Recall that the death of Sylvester Oromoni (Jnr) of Dowen College, Lagos had brought to the fore the heightened cruelty inflicted upon junior secondary school students by their seniors in boarding houses.

According to a family member who pleaded anonymity due to the sensitivity of the incident, these incidents have become a norm and common occurrence within the school.

He stated "The Director of the school was said to be a very influential man, so he promised to do everything possible to ensure that the case is dead. 

"Honestly, the case of Jubril has effectively been decriminalised as a result of a collapse in prosecutions that has allowed many offenders to escape justice and to go on to re-offend in the knowledge that they are highly unlikely to be held to account.

"The fact that their acts of violence are normalised, accepted or excused gives a feeling of power and impunity to these individuals and encourages such recurrent shameful predatory behaviour. This support system must be annihilated at all costs and in no uncertain terms.

"This is not the first case of armed Violence in the college, there are several other cases relating to sexual abuse and armed Violence, but the school management had swept it under the carpet. This is likely to mean we are creating more victims as a result of our failure to act.

"This can result in a far-reaching and catastrophic consequence on the physical and mental state of any child. Because It is, amongst others, responsible for a decrease of academic performance and a high proportion of school dropouts, denying its victims the very right to education, he said.

He further says that Jubril (Ramadan), who is the son of Late Justice Sadi Mato, of Federal High Court Kano State and stepson of a Director with Yobe State Government, is in a critical situation, currently battling for his life at the Intensive Care Unit(ICU) of the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital (UMTH).

He seeks Justice for Jubril (Ramadan), imploring #Borno Governor Babagana Zulum, #Police, #Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), #National Human Right Commission (NHRC), #Legal Aid Council, reputable organisations and all well-meaning Nigerians to stand up and fight for the elimination of victimization in Nigerian secondary schools by getting Jubril the justice he deserves.

Corroborating the story, a journalist with a local media in the Maiduguri, on January 17 is said to have met with the Director of the College, Muhammed Sani Idris, for an update on the incident. 

He said “I was asked to drop my smartphone upon entering the Director’s office, which I complied with. After introducing myself, I asked him about the school’s position relating to the incident. 

“He solicited for my cooperation to silence the issue, pointing out that such story will bring no good rather than public panic and had name, especially to the concerned authorities.

Quoting the Director, “You see, what good is this story giving you? The school and your medium has the same objectives (rendering services to the public) as we do so, I will love it if you forget about this story while we move forward, but if you think it is mandatory to report this issue then go ahead and do it”, the Journalist added.


In order to quash the case, the school management reportedly urged the students to say that Ramadan acting under the influence of drugs which was being secretly sold to students by a senior Managing officer of the Junior Secondary School Section attempted to take his life since he was averse to being a boarder.

One student who craved anonymity said "they told us that he tried to kill himself with a razor blade by stabbing himself. But we later learnt that it was one of our seniors who stabbed him.

"We don't know his present condition. I hope he is not dead, “the student said.

A Senior Staff of College who craved anonymity said, "On the same day, a delegation from the Borno state Ministry of Education visited the college when the director departed to Damaturu leaving his principals behind. They were told that: “the principals were not on sit”

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